Magic Circle Mime Company is regarded as one of today’s premier family attractions. Its highly acclaimed performances, which unite the concert orchestra with visual theater, are consistently praised for imaginative and innovative content.

A Spirit for the Holidays

Three mischievous holiday spirits have their own ideas of what a holiday concert should be. As two of the spirits squabble, the orchestra is caught in the middle.

Death on the Downbeat

Gundar Bigherr, guest conductor for the evening's concert, has been murdered. It is suspected that the internationally acclaimed Maestro was poisoned sometime during the break between the morning and afternoon rehearsals.

Music, Noise & Silence

Three meddlesome spirits - Music, Noise and Silence - invade symphony hall. The concert seems doomed as Silence and Noise attempt to seize control of the orchestra. Only with the help of the audience and Music will the conductor be able to break the fierce grip of Noise and bring harmony back to the orchestra.

Orchestra from Planet "X"

Unbeknownst to the conductor, there are strangers in the concert hall. They seem to communicate by playing rhythmic patters on their odd metallic costumes. They have a device that they tried to attach to the conductor's podium but they were interrupted by the beginning of the concert. What are their intentions?

Peter & the Wolf

The Prokofiev classic becomes an exciting theatrical and musical experience in this fifty-minute production. The narration is replaced by movement and the concert hall becomes the scene of action as the conductor's assistant (Peter) tries to capture a vicious wolf that threatens orchestra and audience alike.

Phantoms of the Orchestra

A ghostly musician enters the stage and plays the Bach Toccata, thus calling forth ... the "phantoms of the orchestra" and a visually stunning concert program that brings the story of the Sorcerer's Apprentice to life.

The Listener

This program, which received the Washington State Arts Commission's highest rating for quality, introduces new audiences to the workings of a concert orchestra and explores the active relationship between the listening audience and the musician.

The Mozart Experience

A mischievous street musician finds herself thrust into the role of Mozart in this concert program for chamber orchestra. Presented by the conductor with opportunities and dilemmas similar to those faced by Mozart, the street musician slowly evolves into a modern-day Mozart.