Mad River Theater Works is an acclaimed touring ensemble that creates vibrant and evocative plays with music for families and young audiences based on American history and folklore. Founded in 1978, Mad River presents original productions that explore traditional stories and themes in a unique, innovative style.

Freedom Flight

Available: January 17 - March 9, 2023
The turbulent period of slavery and abolition in American history is the backdrop for Mad River’s one-act play with music, Freedom Flight. Centered around the telling of familyhistory and the role of generational sharing in understanding, growth and self-worth, ourplay wrestles with the ongoing legacy of slavery and identity. When Evelyn, adescendant of Addison White, confronts her own difficulties with racism, an array of characters tell and relive their family history, illustrating the tension, drama and thepromise of deliverance from bigotry. Freedom Flight explores the unwritten roadmap between past and present, and the relationship between the things that we leave behind and those that carry us forward.