Mad River Theater Works is an acclaimed touring ensemble that creates vibrant and evocative plays with music for families and young audiences based on American history and folklore. Founded in 1978, Mad River presents original productions that explore traditional stories and themes in a unique, innovative style.

Freedom Riders

Available: 2021-22
This new play, with original songs and music, explores the valiant and courageous personalities behind one of the most critical chapters in the history of the Civil Rights movement. Freedom Riders demonstrates the importance of working together to affect change and specifically how non-violent protests were used to focus attention on the cruelties of segregation.

Wings of Courage

Available: April 18 - May 8, 2022
Eugene Bullard's story would be unbelievable if it were not all true. He was a professional boxer and a World War I flying ace. He was a jazz musician. He was a spy. Who was this remarkable African American? Wings of Courage shows how Bullard's determination and perseverance helped him to overcome discrimination throughout his life. It is an uplifting tale of vision and hope.

Freedom Bound

Available: 2022-23
Freedom Bound revolves around the most famous incident in the history of the Underground Railroad in Ohio: the story of Addison White, an escaped slave, and his rescue by the citizens of the town of Mechanicsburg, Ohio.Freedom Bound brings history to life with original songs and an array of characters who relive this story to illustrate the tension and drama, and the promise of hope and deliverance from bondage in that extraordinary time in our country’s history. [study guide]