Gramophone’s Video of the Day: Gesualdo Six Perform Héloïse Werner’s Coronasolfège

Gramophone‘s Video of the Day features The Gesualdo Six performing a new piece by Héloïse Werner – expanding on her lockdown invention, Coronasolfege.

Werner describes her project:

Coronasolfege was born at the start of lockdown in March 2020. Just like every other musician in the world, all my performances suddenly got cancelled and I was stuck at home with nothing to do. I needed to find something to keep myself occupied. I started experimenting with creating rhythms and short melodies only using my face (eyes, teeth, voice) and my hands (on my cheeks). I came up with a simple 30-second composition where my eyes, teeth, voice and hands each go in different but repeated rhythms: eyes in crotchets, teeth in quavers, voice in triplets and hands in semiquavers. I filmed it, posted it on Twitter and Coronasolfege was born.