Cirque Mechanics, although inspired by modern circus, finds its roots in the mechanical and its heart in the stories of American ingenuity. The shows, rooted in realism, display a raw quality, rarely found in modern circus, that makes their message timeless and relevant. The stories are wrapped in circus acrobatics, mechanical wonders and a bit of clowning around.


Available: 2023-24
An emotive and exhilarating tale about human ingenuity and our natural resources. In Zephyr – A Whirlwind of Circus by Cirque Mechanics, audiences will witness the tug of war that exists between man and nature, in the name of progress. [marketing assets + study guide]

Pedal Punk

Available: 2024-25
Enter the world of Pedal Punk, a Steampunk inspired place where cycling is the way to escape a technology-obsessed society. In Pedal Punk, we experience the excitement, artistry and thrill that occurs when a wacky bike shop mechanic interacts with cyclists and bikes. He repairs more than broken pieces – he creates wondrous machines and inspires the cyclist in all of us to become a pedal punk. [marketing assets + study guide]


Available: November 25 - December 15, 2024
Yuletide Factory is set around the holidays in a 1930’s factory, where a Scrooge-like “Boss” loses patience as his sidekick tries to bring holiday cheer onto the floor of the drab and dreary widget factory. It is a place where spectators will watch a contortionist perform on a turntable powered by unicyclists, they will be captivated by the aerialist lifted by the acrobat inside a giant wheel, and they will be stunned when the trampoline wall artists fly and walk on air. All the while they will be giggling at the antics of the comedic characters, impressed by the acro-dancing, and enchanted by the story of yuletide cheer, friendship, and nutcrackers. [marketing assets + study guide]