Founded in 1975, Actors From The London Stage (AFTLS) is one of the oldest touring Shakespeare theatre companies in the world. Housed and workshopped in the UK and based in the United States at Shakespeare at Notre Dame, this intensive residency program is truly one of a kind.


Available: Fall 2022
Ruthless ambition gives way to murder in Macbeth, Shakespeare’s always-relevant examination of the lacerating effect of the reckless desire for power.

Romeo and Juliet

Available: Spring 2023
The passion of youthful love is never more vivid than in Romeo and Juliet, arguably Shakespeare’s most beloved and well-known work. Alternating between laugh-outloud comedy, exuberant romance, and wrenching tragedy, Romeo and Juliet features Shakespeare’s greatest romantic pairing: a star-crossed duo whose passion careens into disaster. Romeo and Juliet is as powerful as ever.

As You Like It

Available: Fall 2023
The rules of romance are upended in As You Like It, a gloriously entertaining romantic comedy that gleefully subverts traditional notions of gender, politics, and love. Shakespeare’s dizzying mash-up of romantic escapades, disguised lovers, and mistaken identities amuses and entertains as much as it provokes and challenges.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Available: Spring 2024
Take a trip into the magical forest of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where identities are mistaken, love blossoms, and magic reigns. A joyful and enormously entertaining blend of romance, slapstick, and pathos, Shakespeare’s effervescent comic fantasy remains perennially popular for its vivid characters, sparkling wit, and famed comic set pieces.